Chung Ching Middle School (CCMS) is hosting a Brunei Calligraphy and Art Exhibition at its multi-purpose hall.

The main focus of the exhibition is to showcase traditional art of Chinese calligraphy in the hope of promoting it among youth. Several calligraphy artists attended the exhibition’s opening ceremony on November 22.

CCMS Principal Sim Jeng Siang said cultural activities should not be forgotten, and urged the community to study the traditional art.

“Spreading the fine traditional culture has been one of the school’s missions over the years, and I am pleased to see the overwhelming support given by the Board of Directors and calligraphy masters when the concept of a calligraphy and art exhibition was proposed,” he said.

“The Brunei Calligraphy and Art Exhibition features works by local masters of calligraphy and art in the country,” he added.

Chinese cultural elements have also been incorporated into the exhibition, including seal cutting and tea art. It is hoped it will open new avenues for cultural promotion.

Besides calligraphy, poster designs by CCMS students are also displayed at the exhibition, with the hope of increasing exposure of creative talents gathered for the event.

“With so many exquisite artworks, it is unfortunate that we are unable to showcase all of them here (at the exhibition). But with the enthusiastic response, it has given us a great boost in confidence. We hope to hold similar exhibitions in the future.”

The exhibition will conclude on November 30.

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