Dear parents and guardians,

We are a couple of months into the year 2023, and our teachers and students are busily engaged in teaching and learning. As parents and guardians, you have been a crucial part of our journey towards educational excellence, and for this we are immensely grateful.

At CCMS, our mission is to impart holistic education to our students, while making sure that they have a firm foundation made up of cultural values. Thus, both academic and non-academic areas of student life are given importance. On the academic front, we are doing very well. In the October/November 2022 GCE O’ level /IGCSE examinations our students made us proud, with more than 80% of them scoring 5 O’s, and a number of them scoring A* and As. Our SPE and PSR results are also commendable. Congratulations to all the teachers, students as well as their parents and guardians for making this happen!

On the non-academic front, our school is conducting a number of activities and competitions throughout the year; Malay essay writing competition, Chinese calligraphy competition, English singing competition, Maths quiz and Science quiz, to name a few. Physical education of course is not left out. We have our Sports Day in May 2023, and all our students are eagerly looking forward to it!

What makes our school unique? The uniqueness of our school is that it is a school that is supported by the community, and that it instills oriental cultural values in young people without allowing to lose their identity as the new generation of Brunei Darussalam. This distinctiveness has let us carve our own niche in the educational milieu of Brunei Darussalam and the 21st century world.

Let us work towards our goal hand in hand, empowered by our cultural richness and single-minded dedication.

Warm wishes,
Mr. Sim Jeng Siang

Honorary Advisor,
China – ASEAN Research Institure of Guangxi University

Principal Profile
Chung Hwa School, Kiudang – School Affairs Consultant
China Children’s Painting and Calligraphy Association – Executive Director
Brunei Research Center, ASEAN College, Guangxi University for Nationalities, China – Research Consultant

Professional Experience
– Chung Ching Middle School, Seria
Secondary School Teacher(Jan 1974 – Nov 2009)
Extra Curricular Activities Officer(Jan 1976 – Dec 1984
Dean of Discipline (Jan 1985 – Dec 1986)
Dean of Studies (Jan 1987 – Dec 1987)
– Deputy Principal(Jan1988 – Jan 1993)
Acting Principal (Feb 1993 – Sept 2000)
Principal (Oct 2000 – Dec 2008)
Seri Mulia Sarjana School, BSB
Principal (Dec 2009 – Dec 2012)
– Sarjana Education Group BSB
General Manager Operations (Jan 2013 – Dec 2018)
Special Duties Officer (Jan 2019 – Jan 2020)

Police Cadet
Inspector on Probation (1978)
Inspector (1978)
Senior Inspector (1995)
Chief Inspector (2006)

Awards and Honours
Pingat Jubli Intan Polis DiRaja Brunei – Mei 1996
Pingat Indera Kerja Baik (P.I.K.B.) – 06 Nov 2000
Pingat Perkhidmatan Polis DiRaja Brunei – 2002
“Outstanding Overseas Chinese Education Worker“ – The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council – 1999
“Overseas Chinese Education Lifetime Achievement Award” – The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council – 2007
Jilin Province “International Art Education Outstanding Gardener Award” – 1999
China Education Association “Chinese Youth Composition Competition Guidance Award” – 2001
“Honour Award for Contribution to Art Education” by China Hard Pen Calligraphy Association – 2006年
“Gardener’s Gold Award” “Guiding Award” – Over the years
“Overseas Teachers Outstanding Long Service Award” – Taiwan Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission – 1985/ 2000/ 2005/ 2015-1985/ 2000/ 2005/ 2015
World Chinese Writing Award – News Writing Report: Excellent Award (2002), First Place (2020)
ASEAN Brunei Literature Award – 2010
“Conference Establishment Award” and “Contribution Award”- Chinese Chamber of Commerce, BSB – 20072007
Essay Writing Competition -Champion – The Chinese Chamber of Commerce BSB – 2002

Author of “Hua Ho – The Story of Lau Ah Kok” – 2000

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