CHUNG Ching Middle School’s (CCMS) kindergarten pupils recently spent a memorable afternoon on a jungle-themed adventure as a way to conclude their after school programme, ‘Shining Star’.

Fifty-two pupils, who were led by eight kindergarten teachers, took part in the activity, which was held at the playground area of the school that was decorated to the theme.

The aim of the jungle playground was to give the pupils an opportunity for role play and creativity through the safari such as ‘riding’ a tram and ‘spotting’ wild animals. The children were also involved in other activities such as storytelling, cooking, craft-making and a trip to the cinema to watch the ‘Jungle Book’ movie.

The Shining Star programme was introduced in April as a way for the children to be engaged in interactive lessons through a series of activities. The programme runs throughout the year in two modules consisting of six sessions each.

The activities under the programme are aimed at giving the opportunity for the children to explore the world outside the four-walls of their classroom, while applying their acquired knowledge and values.

CCMS also holds visits to other centres in Belait district that promote learning such as the Oil and Gas Discovery Centre. – Hafiizah Maideen

The Brunei Times