CCMS received donation of anti-epidemic supplies from private enterprises

Dr. Ang Sik Liong, the principal of CCMS, was pleased to receive personal anti-epidemic supplies which were donated by local private enterprises. These materials will be used daily to maintain the health and safety of about 900 teachers and students in the school, in the daily prevention of Covid-19 after the students return to school.
The Principal gladly accepted the donation, and was very touched by the kindness of the local private enterprises that care about the school. He also said that the teachers have already started to implement online teaching in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, and hopes that parents will cooperate fully and help their children to learn while they are at home.

The school management would like to express their gratitude to the private enterprises:
1. Sallima Recycling Works (1,000 face mask, 2 bottles of hand sanitizer (5 liter), 5 bottle of hand sanitizer)
2. DHJ Sdn Bhd (960 face mask, 13 bottle of hand sanitizer)
3. Little Bean Company (960 face mask and 13 bottle of hand sanitizer)
4. TBT Sdn Bhd (4 bottles of hand sanitizer (5 liter)

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