78th anniversary celebration of this prestigious school was held on 3rd September 2016. Students from all the three sections, kindergarten, primary and secondary, participated in the highly-anticipated and biggest school event of the year – with art performances such as dancing, singing, drama and also Wu Shu.

The event started at around 7:30 in the evening with the guests all arrived and the performers waiting for their turn with butterflies in their stomach. The evening started off with a Chinese drum performance by a combined group of the primary and secondary students, which marked for good luck and fortune throughout the year.

Kindergarten Performances

Primary Section Performances

Secondary Section Performances

The other performances that followed were fascinating, elegant and impressive Chinese fan dances, the exotic Korean dance, and captivating Indian and Malay dances presented by amusing and cute kindergarten, primary and secondary students.

Among all, the performance that stood out the most probably was the Chinese diabolo (Chinese yoyo) dance performed by primary section students. A number of about 15 students performed this amazing art, running in and out of stage with their diabolos for their turns; spinning, passing and tossing it to each other in perfect and precise timing, doing a number of tricks with their yoyo that was sure to catch everyone’s attention. The diobolo performance was no doubt the most entertaining.

Not to forget the lucky draw sessions with exciting prizes to be won. The audience supported well by purchasing the lucky draw tickets sold to them during their dinner time.

An effort that had been in progress for about six months made the audience, who was present on the night, to leave the wonderful, chatter drifting evening, with an impressive and memory captured heart. A special mentioned ‘thank you’ should be extended to the school’s Board of Governors for organizing such a successful and remarkable event for the year.

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