22nd of April 2016 was the Earth Day Celebration around the world, the students in Chung Ching Primary celebrated on 23rd of April starting with a healthy morning exercise led by several upper primary students. Some activities included on that day were the “Earth Day Speech” from two Year 6 students, Earth Day Quiz for all students and Trashion show for Year 3 students.

The response of the students was very positive. They were enthusiastic, and actively participated in all the activities. With this event, students understand the reasons why people around the world united as they celebrate Earth Day. It also gave the students the awareness that protection of the Earth’s resources is the responsibility of all human being.
The winners in the competitions organized during Science Week were as follows:

Year 1 Coloring Contest
1st Prize: Ng Hui Yi, 1J
2nd Prize: Amelie Megan Lo Mei Xing, 1T
3rd Prize: Liu Shan Yuan, 1L

Year 2 Coloring Contest
1st Prize: Hee Ke Yin, 2L
2nd Prize: Nuralyaa Binti Musli, 2T
3rd Prize: Hong Ming Jey, 2J

Trash Show (Boys)
1st Prize: Neil Joseph Padua & Syed Umar Bin Syed Abdillah, 3J
2nd Prize: Khairil Ethan Ronabio Garcia, 3L
3rd Prize: Tham Zhi Qiang, 3L

Trash Show (Girls)
1st Prize: Kaylee Yong Sze Hui, 3T
2nd Prize: Siti Alwani Insyirah Bte Hj Mustafa, 3T
3rd Prize: Ling Yii Shien, 3J

Recycling Model Competition
1st Prize: Muhd Mirza Fawwaz Bin Amir Hamzah, 4T
2nd Prize: Liong Siat Wei, 4T
3rd Prize: Chung Kai Ru, 4L

Science Quiz Competition:
1st Prize:
Chole Shim Jia How 4T, Ashley Chung Jia Hui 5L, Choo Jia Le 6L

2nd Prize:
Adithya Thuruthiyil Raj 4T, Phoebe Liew Jia En 5J, Ethan Loo Chung Yee 6J

3rd Prize:
Mohd Irfan Bin Mohd Shaffie 4J, Wong Whe Zhe 5J, Jehonathan Barnabas Liew Wen-Xuan 6J

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