The chairman of CCMS, Mr Chin Kim Ming, accountant, Mr Liu Vui Pin, principal, Mr Sim Jeng Siang, and a few teachers and staff, visited the Honorable Chairman of the school, Mr. Han Min Yuan on 30/9 (Wed) on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, at 3 pm, to wish and express their Mid-Autumn Festival greetings to him.

Mr. Han Min Yuan has served as the director of the school, school inspector, chairman and other positions over the years, and has contributed a lot to the school. In addition, Mr. Han has profound knowledge in culture, especially calligraphy and traditional arts. He has a strong foundation in writing skills and has unique insights into the analysis of things. He is a rare talent. After shirking the position of director, he still cares about the development of school affairs of CCMS, and is particularly focused on the inheritance of culture.

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the chairman, principal, heads of departments, and teachers jointly visited Mr. Han to express their respect for his cultural mastery and devotion towards education.

During the visit, Mr. Han gave a lot of encouragement for the teachers to promote the Chinese traditional culture, and also provided suggestions for long-term development of education.

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