Chung Ching Middle School’s Science Department hosted a science debate for its Upper Secondary students on 19th July 2018. Students of Year 9 to Year 11 took part in the debate on the motion of ‘Nuclear energy is the best way to meet the ever-increasing energy needs of our planet.
The audience was gripped in the heat of the debate when Shim Lih Chyi, from the opposition team, bombarded the proposition team with unmanageable questions and providing undeniably proven information for which he brought victory to his team and was later announced as the best speaker for the day.
The judges, Dr Shanthi Thomas, the dean of studies, Mr Francis Ting and Mr Thien Koi Meng tailed the scores for which, Kylie Elyza and Cindy Cheng from the opposition team were also praised for their notable performances in delivering their points and answering points of information.

Shim Lih Chyi and his team.

The entire atmosphere.