Valentine reciting his sajak 'Pahlawan'

Alex with his sajak 'Bunga Popi'

In conjunction of the Malay Week Celebration at Chung Ching Middle School, The Malay Department had recently organized two events, Malay poem recitation (sajak) competition and Malay forum competition with the aim to provide the platform and to encourage the students to be able to converse in Bahasa Melayu fluently.
The Malay poem recitation competition was divided into two categories which were opened to all the students. Meanwhile, the ‘Malay forum’ competition was only opened to Year 10 and Year 11 with three members in a team, one as the M.C, and the other two as the guests. Each team had to discuss on the given topic “Masyarakat dan Media Sosial masa kini” and tried to share as much information as possible during the limited 8 minutes.
No doubt, these events have encouraged more students to participate in competitions as well as had fostered their self-confidence and bravery in presenting on the stage. In addition to that, teamwork and social integration had also been promoted between the students.