Chung Ching Middle school Seria has recently held its Lion Dance Eye-opening ceremony in Jubilee Hall, the honorable guests include Mr. Lau Shiew Yuen,Dato Seri Sim Wee Siang and Mr. Wong Ming Ching.

Members of the school’s Board of Directors, Chairman, Mr. Chin Kim Min, 1st Vice Chairman Mr. Chua Teng Siong and 2nd Vice Chairman Mr. Lim Thian Ming have also attended the ceremony.

“2020 Scholarship Winner” and “Incentive Awards of 2020” were also given to the respective students during the ceremony.
“2020 Scholarship Winner” was awarded to those students who had obtained 5As in PSR and continued to perform well in High school, and constantly achieved an average of 80 scores out of 100 in core subjects, such as Chinese. “Incentive Awards of 2020” was given to those students who achieved 5 As PSR.

Award lists are as following:

2020 Scholarship Winner
Y7Lily, Kaylee Yong Sze Hui
Y7Lily, Kimberly Goh Yi Yuen
Y8Lily, Chin Shin Ying
Y8Lily, Mek Qi Yu
Y8Lily, Ng Jyy Yau
Y9S Science, Liew Yee
Y9S Science, Ashley Chung Jia Hui
Y9S Science, Wong Wei Zhe
Y11 Science, Casasandra Wong Wei Wen

2020 Incentive Award
Y7Lily, Dk Fitri Nur Batrisya
Y7Lily, Effayaney Binti Dahan
Y7Lily, Ling Yii Shien
Y7Lily, Nur Aqilah Insyirah
Y7Lily, Nur Syafiqah
Y7Lily, Rachelle Wong Zhen Lu
Y7Jasmine, Flavio Miguel Ak Mitayas

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