Chung Ching Middle School in Seria will be organizing the traditional Moon Cake Festival celebration [Mid-Autumn Festival Alumni Reunion]on September 22nd starting from 6 pm in the evening at the primary section of the school, the event will feature Garden Tour Lantern Festival and the 80th Anniversary School History Exhibition. The school alumni and the general public are invited to participate in the event, reviewing the history of the founding of the school in the 80 years period, alumni can relive the childhood memories of the past years. Remembering the dreams, not forgetting the times past, the theme of the evening celebrations is
1. School History Exhibition;
2. Alumni Back to School Day;
3. Lantern Night Market.
At the same time, the evening event is also a prelude to the school’s grand celebration of the 80th anniversary in the middle school hall on the 29th of the same month. The Garden Tour Sale will feature game activities such as guessing riddles, songs, shooting games, darts, X-BOX games, breaking balloon games, escape rooms and coin-throwing games. The Bazaar also sells a variety of cakes, barbecues, ice cream, pasta and more. Program flow for the night is listed as below: 6:00pm Reception of alumni and board of directors
6:30pm [ Mid-Autumn Festival Alumni Reunion] Opening Ceremony
7:00pm Visit the school history exhibition & guided tour of the campus Lantern Night Market
9:00pm End of the event

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