A Swearing Ceremony for the school prefects and trainees was held on 27th July 2020. On this day, all the students have returned to the school after the outbreak period of Covid-19.

There are 13 students from Year 5 classes promoted as school prefects after they have completed their six months of training sessions. These students are the following:
Chew Chee Yee, Jasper Oliver Tan, Marcus Yong Shi Ping, Muhammad Danish Mohammad Noor Suzlin, Amelie Megan Lo Mei Xing, Cernika Anak Buang, Daania Najwa Binti Shahminan Kabir, Damia Iman Binti Mohammad Noor Suzlin and Ng Hui Yi from Year 5 Jasmine
Chiranjith C. Panicker, Hong Ryu Yii and Liu Shan Yuan from Year 5 Lily
and Najwa Darwisyah Binti Muhammad Hafiz from Year 5 Tulip

Besides, the teachers have selected 17 students from Year 4 classes to join the team of school prefect trainees. They are Jibraell Sulong Sribut, On Zhi Rong, Chia Siew Zhen, Dayangku Lilia Falesya Binti Pengiran Mas Norhamin Bahri, Farah Zakia Binti Abdullah, Genevieve Tan Hui Xuan, Kaysee Yong Sze Ting, Mavise Chan En Yi, Nur Duriyyah Chia Binti Abdullah Syihab @ Fairus Zuhrah, Vera Chan Zi Tien and Wong Jia Jia from Year 4 Jasmine
Martin Fong Shyh Hao, Raul Bangsang Anak Hamzah, Brianna Lydia Anak Lasa, Chin Yee Jern, Clarissa Leong Mei Xing and Mercy Chai Min Shi from Year 4 Lily

Meanwhile, Muhammad Danish Mohammad Noor Suzlin and Amelie Megan Lo Mei Xing from Year 5 Jasmine were selected as the Heads of School Prefect. Damia Iman Binti Mohammad Noor Suzlin was chosen as the Assistant Head of School Prefect
The teacher-in-charge of the School Prefect has expressed her gratitude to the senior school prefect team for their contributions to the school for the past two years. She hopes that the school prefect and trainees could become good example to all the students by showing their good moral characters at all times.

Group photo for the school prefect team in 2020

Group photo for the prefect trainees in 2020

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