15 students from Chung Ching Middle School in Primary Section achieved outstanding results when they participated in AMC Maths this year. Two of the students have achieved High Distinction and Distinction, 9 students have achieved Credit and the rest have achieved Proficiency. The Australian Mathematics Competition is a mathematics competition run by the Australian Mathematics Trust for students from Year 3 up to Year 12. It has became the word’s largest Mathematics competition due to the increasing participants year by year. The competition paper consists of twenty-five multiple-choice questions and five integer questions, which are ordered in increasing difficulty.

The students achieved outstanding results are listed below.

High Distinction:Jordan Hee Shan Yung (4J)
Distinction:Brandon Loo Chun Yung (4J)


Mek Jen Rui 5J)

Wong Jia Ho 5L)

Wong Yung Xing  (5L)
Phoebe Liew Jia En  
Teo Hui Ling  (4J)
Ashley Chung Jia Hui  
Chin Shin Ying
Angie Lee Jia Yee  
Adrian Chong Rui Shern  


ProficiencyPui Chee Ming  (5J)
Wong Xin Yee  (3J)
Liong Siat Wei  
Ng Jyy Yau  

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