In its attempt to improve the quality of Chinese culture of teachers and students, the school organized CCMS cultural teaching which was also attended by four teachers of Chung Hwa Kiudang School, including the principal and the dean of studies of the school.

A series of cultural lessons, including Chinese culture, history and geography of China were introduced during the sessions. The principal of our school, Sim Jeng Siang, said that this is an initial start for CCMS to continue to further diversify the promotion of the Chinese culture in the future. He hopes that the board of directors, teachers, students and their parents can actively cooperate with the promotion of the Chinese culture. He also congratulated all the primary and secondary school students who participated in the lessons since through them they had gained opportunity to learn Chinese culture that is inexhaustible throughout their lives.

The Principal also hopes that the teachers who took part in the lessons will be able to in-co-operate the experience into making their teaching more effective.

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