The Ambassador of China to Brunei, Yu Hong, visited Chung Ching Middle School today and donated books.

In her speech, Ambassador Yu Hong said that the construction of Chinese schools cannot be separated from the concern of the society and the dedication of insightful people in the Chinese community. She paid tribute to who have supported CCMS for a long time.

She visited CCMS this time to represent the Chinese Embassy in Brunei to donate 307 books and CD materials to the school, which involved China’s economy, technology, literature, art, tourism, etc. She hopes that through reading, students will increase their knowledge and abilities.

She also said that 2020 is a difficult year. China and Brunei joined hands in fighting the epidemic, which has promoted the development of bilateral relations and strengthened the friendship between the people. In March of this year, CCMS recorded a cheering video for Wuhan’s fight against the COVID-19, giving Wuhan and the people of Wuhan valuable support in difficult times. She expressed her heartfelt thanks for this. Next year, China will begin its 14th Five-Year Plan, and will also formulate a 2035 long-term goal, which will focus on promoting the new development pattern of domestic and international mutual promotion. She believes that this will be conducive to the docking of the two major markets of China and ASEAN. ASEAN countries including Brunei will all benefit from it.

She also promised that she will continue to care and support the development of Chinese education in Brunei, and is willing to work with all member of board of directors and schools to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two countries. Next year is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Brunei. The Chinese Embassy in Brunei will join the Brunei Ministry of Education to host the 3rd Primary School Drawing Competition. She hope that CCMS students will actively participate and achieve good results.

The chairman of the school, Chin Kim Min, warmly welcomes the visit of Ambassador Yu Hong, and expresses his gratitude for the care and support of the school as the ambassador busy to promotes the close cooperation between China and Brunei. First of all, he thanked Ambassador Yu for providing support to the relevant units of the Brunei government, and then thanked Ambassador Yu for providing many teaching materials and teaching resources to the school, and also provided many training opportunities for teachers of the school to China.

Chairman Chin promised that on the basis of the strong support from the ambassador and embassy to the school over the years, the school will strengthen the academic and moral performance of students, and will continue to spread the fine traditional Chinese culture and promote the integration of all ethnic groups. Therefore, the school has successively held “Chinese Culture Talks”, “Brunei Calligraphy and Art Exhibition”, “Chinese Teaching Seminar”, kindergarten “China Tourism” holiday class, “Holiday Cultural Class” and other activities to cultivate children’s understanding and love of traditional culture.

Taking this opportunity, the school also uses the hands of ambassadors to present long-term service awards and O-level examination academic excellence awards to relevant teachers and students. At the book’s donation ceremony, CCMS also officially appointed a respected and enthusiastic lawyer Lau Fah Ngin in Brunei as the honorary consultant of the school. After he was appointed, he expressed his deep gratitude for the appointment of the school and was honored to be a member of the CCMS.

Lawyer Lau Fah Ngin is an outstanding businessman in Brunei. He has been enthusiastic about public welfare for many years, supporting the cause of Chinese education and Chinese society in Brunei, and attaching importance to the inheritance and development of Chinese excellent traditional culture. After retiring, he still does not forget his original aspiration, keeps his mission in mind, and is committed to contributing to the Chinese school community in Brunei. His benevolent deeds are admirable.

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