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secondary 2020

/secondary 2020

2020 Prefects’ oath taking ceremony

12 newly appointed prefects of 2020, took the pledge to devote the best of their ability, knowledge, duty, discipline and effort to uphold the ethos and objectives of the school and work for its welfare. They also pledged to be the communication bridge between teachers and students. The ceremony which was held on 3rd September [...]

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CCMS parents teachers day

Parents teachers meeting (PTM) was held for both primary and secondary sections of CCMS on 10 September 2020 at the secondary school’s jubilee hall. Parents of both the primary and secondary students, and the teachers of the sections came together to discuss the academic performances of the children. The meeting which started from 7.15 am [...]

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CCMS received donation of anti-epidemic supplies from private enterprises

CCMS received donation of anti-epidemic supplies from private enterprises Dr. Ang Sik Liong, the principal of CCMS, was pleased to receive personal anti-epidemic supplies which were donated by local private enterprises. These materials will be used daily to maintain the health and safety of about 900 teachers and students in the school, in the daily [...]

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【Handwash Campaign by Antabax & Sin Chew Daily】

As an effort to fight the novel coronavirus, Antabax company and Sin Chew Daily had joined forces to raise awareness and accelerate hand washing behaviour change through a hand washing campaign. The campaign was held on the 12th February 2020 in Chung Ching Middle School, Seria. The entire secondary school and the kindergarten took part [...]

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Ling Yi Shuen wins T-shirt design competition

Ling Yi Shuen of Year 10 Science won the T-shirt design competition organized by Mortar events in honour of the upcoming National Day. The theme of the T-shirt Design Contest was "Building the Foundations of Our Youth". Yi Shuen wins B$ 300 and her design will be printed on T- shirts for sale. The [...]

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Lion Dance Eye-Opening Ceremony

Chung Ching Middle school Seria has recently held its Lion Dance Eye-opening ceremony in Jubilee Hall, the honorable guests include Mr. Lau Shiew Yuen,Dato Seri Sim Wee Siang and Mr. Wong Ming Ching. Members of the school’s Board of Directors, Chairman, Mr. Chin Kim Min, 1st Vice Chairman Mr. Chua Teng Siong and 2nd Vice [...]

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【371 people participated in the Chung Ching Chinese Calligraphy Competition】

(Seria Jan, 16) Chung Ching Middle School held a Chinese Calligraphy competition in the school's Jubilee hall on January 16, 2020. A total of  371 students from Year 5 up to Year 11 had participated in the event. They were divided into 2 categories – Chinese Group and Non-Chinese Group.  The event started with  an [...]

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