In order to give knowledge on the concept of “sustainable development”, the United Nations organization is promoting “The World’s Largest Lesson” around the world. As one of the members of the United Nations, Brunei Darussalam through the Department of Education, has encouraged the schools across the country to popularize and apply “The World’s Largest Lesson”. The purpose of this programme is to let our students learn more about the development of the society and the environment of the world.  Based on this, our school has selected the themes “Climate Action” and “Environmental Conservation” as the objectives of the special lesson that was carried out for the Year 5 students.  Our school has conducted a special lesson for an hour and an educational field trip to the Recycle Education Centre in KB.

During the special lesson, students not only learnt the main causes of Global warming and the different ways of environmental conservation, they were also divided into two groups for some hands-on activities. One group of students tried to turn wastes materials into different useful stationeries and ornaments. Another group of students learnt how to make a flower pot by using plastic bottles. Plants were grown in these special-made flower pots and were hung on the hedge nearby the school’s Eco-garden.

On the other hand, the educational field trip was organized with the assistance of Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation. Students were allowed to visit the Recycled Education Centre which is located in KB. During the trip, students learnt how to identify wastes materials that can be recycled and also the procedure of recycling wastes from different materials such as plastic bottles, paper or paper boxes.  The principal from Chung Ching Middle School, Mr.Ang said that the awareness of environmental conservation should be developed among the young generation. We hope that students have learnt the most important concept of why we should protect our environment and make it becomes their responsibility, because learning how to conserve the environment is one of the best contribution they can give to our society and out country.